3. helpful♥ “Alan Candee is a dynamic and engaging performer.  Kids of all ages appreciate his humor and he provides plenty of opportunity for  his audience to participate, whether singing along, answering riddles, or just laughing.  He is always well-prepared and can customize his performance to suit the age group and size of his audience.”

– Margaret Miles, Branch Manager, Fairfax Library, Marin County Free Library

♥ “I’m inspired by Alan’s devotion to make a positive change in the life of each child he encounters.”

– Marian Smith/KFOK Community Radio, Georgetown, CA

♥”Alan did such a wonderful job with the kids at our Stuffie Sleepover.  His music gets them involved and I could see that every child was enjoying the moment.”

-Natalie Beaver, Branch Supervisor/Isleton Library, Isleton, CA

♥ “His aim is to show children the pleasures of telling stories and making music in person rather than relying on digital media, and he succeeds admirably.  I highly recommend his program!”

-Barbara Bass, Branch Supervisor/Arden-Dimick Library, Sacramento, CA

♥ “Alan’s experience comes complete with the ability to inspire, engage, and motivate a love of learning, music and understanding.  He is a very effective family entertainer that can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages.  I especially appreciate his important message of “screen-free time”

-LucyVan Andel, Southport Elementary, West Sacramento, CA


Testimonial from Roseville Preschool:

Alan Candee gave a presentation at our parent-participation preschool that addressed Screen Time and its impact on young children. Based on the amount of note-taking, and the extended Question & Answer session at its conclusion, I would judge the evening to have been very successful and helpful to our parents and staff members. The subject matter is both timely and critically important as electronic gadgets become more prevalent in use in the lives of both adults and children — even the very young.

Alan presented extensive evidence for the need to proceed with caution when considering the benefit of computer use with children. Evidence offered centered on the detrimental impact these machines can have on the lives of young children; the physiological effects, exposure to questionable content and the worrisome interference screen time has on more healthy choices children could and should make with regard to how to spend their time.

This presentation turned out to be much more than a “sounding of the alarm” with it’s inclusion of the list “What Parents Can Do.” This portion, in particular, resulted in much discussion during Alan’s presentation and also led to a continuation of this conversation during the following weeks at our school. His advocacy for the value of “unstructured play” resonated with the parents and led one father to comment to me, “I came away from this evening reminding myself that my children should not be defined by the skills they acquire, but by what kind of person they are.”

Toward the end of the evening, Mr. Candee summed up with perhaps the most influential advice — promote social interaction within the family by holding sacred to the traditions such as sitting down and eating dinner together and to always lead by example.

Michael Leeman                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Director, Roseville Community Preschool                                                                                                                                                                         Roseville, CA