Top 10 Tips for Parents

Top Ten Tips for Parents

*Screen Time includes TV, computer, DVDs, Videos and Video Games, etc.

1. KNOW WHEN IT’S TOO EARLY: Less than 2 YEARS; Screen time is not recommended before 2 years of age

2. KNOW WHEN IT’S TOO MUCH: Greater than 2 HOURS; Understand the full range of media in your child’s life and limit non-school related screen time to under 2 hours per day

3. SEPARATE VIEWING FROM CHEWING: Don’t eat in front of the TV or other screen media; make meal time…family time

4. MONITOR CONTENT: Content matters—know what your child is watching; look for quality educational programs

5. KEEP SCREENS OUT OF THE BEDROOM: Keep them in a place where you can monitor time and content

6. PROMOTE MINDFUL VIEWING: Eliminate background tv; be selective about viewing; avoid channel surfing

7. WATCH WITH YOUR CHILD:  Monitor your child’s reactions and be prepared to answer your child’s questions about programming; avoid using TV as a babysitter

8. AGREE AS A FAMILY ABOUT SCREEN TIME: Discuss and agree on limits: “this is what we do in our house”


10. BE A ROLE MODEL: Limit your own screen time viewing; watch less than 2 hours per day; be mindful when you watch…and turn it off when no one is actually watching!

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