Books for sharing music with children

Books for sharing music with children:
Most of these books are old but still available from libraries and used book dealers. Anything that inspires is worth the time and effort to acquire it. Enjoy reading!
I Can’t Sing Book by Jackie Silberg
-Filled with ideas for sharing music with children–for adults who think they can’t sing–but they probably can sing—they just think they can’t…

Piggyback Songs and More Piggyback Songs by Jean Warren
-I’ve never used these books because I like to make up my own words to melodies kids know, but there are a lot of holiday song ideas here and it could inspire one to create new songs of their own. Go for it!

Song and Dance Activities for Elementary Children by Harriet R. Reeves
-Published in 1985 but still around. Full of dances and active musical games for elementary-aged kids. Great book if this is what you’re looking for!

Making Music/6 Instruments You Can Create by Eddie Herschel Oates
-Just six wonderful musical instrument ideas. Who needs a book of 100 different instruments to make when these six are so easily demonstrated. Simplicity has its place.

Making Musical Instruments with Kids by Bart Hopkin
-67 projects for making instruments with kids. It teaches science
not just music.

Rubber-Band Banjos and Java Jive Bass by Alex Sabbeth
-Another cool book of ways to make instruments. I did the wrench-
on-the-back-of-an-egg-carton-xylophone. So simple. So cool.

Kids Make Music by Avery Hart and Paul Mantell
-Looking for more ideas to share music with kids? The variety of
suggestions in this book made my head spin!

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