2017 Program Offerings

Mindful Media’s 2017 Program Offerings:


Designing a New Life in the Days of Gold                                                                                                                                      It’s 1863.  Relive and experience the California Gold Rush through the eyes of the most successful gold rush musician:  John Stone.  View demonstrations of musical instruments derived from simple, portable, commonplace items found in a forty-niner’s knapsack.  Children will sing along and learn to play a comb kazoo.  Alan Candee reprises the role of John Stone, a.k.a.”Old Put”, as he performed it at the World Gold-panning Championships in 2016.

Express Yourself Through Story & Song                                                                                                                                               Language development is highly driven by singing and speaking.  School-age children will sing along and contribute to the creation of song lyrics.  Stories told may include puppetry, pantomime, humor, and other modes of entertainment.  No exams here–Plan to have fun!

A Musical Journey Through American History                                                                                                                           Sing along with familiar songs you didn’t know were hundreds of years old, and learn the history behind them. Be prepared to sing, laugh, and learn!


Singing Their Way to Literacy Success    
Singing and talking are two important pre-literacy skills.  Young children will contribute to the creation of stories and songs, and enjoy singing and laughing with folk  songs, storytelling, and original tunes.  Expect pantomime, puppetry, and compulsory silliness.


Design and Create a Gemstone Wire-Wrap Necklace    
“Rock-hunting? Doesn’t sound very sporting. Do they move?” Join long-time rockhound, Alan Candee, to learn about the rock-collecting hobby and make a gemstone wire-wrap jewelry necklace. Expect this program to last 60-90 minutes. (Limit: 20 participants)


Win the Battle Over Electronic Screens at Home
Children exposed to unlimited amounts of video games, television, movies, and computer screens are more likely to suffer from symptoms of ADD, obesity, diabetes, nearsightedness, poor social skills, and limited academic performance. Learn simple tips to eliminate battles, put parents in control, and promote quality family time. Mindful Media Management’s Alan Candee provides insights.

A Musical Smorgasbord for Teachers and Caregivers
Expand your sphere of musical offerings to pre-school and primary grade children. This workshop will tap into your own musical passions, inspiring a varied assortment of music for the children in your charge.


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