2019 Program Offerings

Mindful Media’s 2019 Program Offerings:


Jug Band Music       $195 plus travel                                                                                                                                                                                      It’s musical, it’s historical, and it’s playful! Come join a jug band like those created in the 1920’s. During an economic recession, out-of-work musicians made music with household items such as spoons, jugs, washboards and washtubs. All participants will be given an instrument to accompany Alan Candee’s guitar and banjo. Attendees will take a comb kazoo with them and be inspired to create their own jug band at home.


Rock Hunting and Making a Gemstone Wire-Wrap Necklace    $195 plus travel
“Rock-hunting? Doesn’t sound very sporting. Do they move?” Join long-time rockhound, Alan Candee, to learn about the rock-collecting hobby and make a gemstone wire-wrap jewelry necklace. Expect this program to last 60-90 minutes.  Mindful Media’s most requested summer program in 2016 and 2017.  (Limit: 20 participants)

“Alan and Nancy’s program on jewelry making with natural stones was a hit.  Not only did Nancy present how to make beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry, Alan gave a wonderful presentation about Geology and brought in many examples to tempt anyone to go outside and explore.  Our patrons loved it!”                                                -Berta Boegel, Branch Supervisor, Carmichael Library



Managing Electronic Screens at Home     $195 plus travel
Children exposed to unlimited amounts of video games, television, movies, and computer screens are more likely to suffer from symptoms of ADD, obesity, diabetes, nearsightedness, poor social skills, aggressive behavior, and limited academic performance. Learn simple tips to eliminate battles, put parents in control, and promote quality family time. Mindful Media’s Alan Candee has presented the latest information at the California Kindergarten Conference, Professional Association of Childhood Educators Conference, Children’s Home Society, La Familia, Sacramento Play Summit, Children’s Music Network Conference, Roseville Community Preschool, and more.

A Musical Smorgasbord for Teachers and Caregivers    $195 plus travel
Expand your sphere of musical offerings to preschool and primary grade children. This workshop will tap into your own musical passions, inspiring a varied assortment of music for the children in your charge.


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